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Armenian Biblical Commentaries

In April of this year a further volume in a series of Bible commentaries was published in the Armenian language. This brings to four the number of commentaries available to Christians there. The first to be published was one on James. This was followed first by a commentary on the Letters of Peter and Jude and then by one on the Letters of John. To these a commentary on Philippians has now been added.

Other commentaries have been translated, and one on Colossians is in process of being carefully edited. This is the work of brother Vartan Sarkissian who checks the Armenian translation against the English version; where there are any questions about the meaning he contacts the author to see what was really intended. He also checks to see that the meanings of English idioms is conveyed as correctly as possible. At times changes have to be made to the English phrasing so that a more accurate translation can be made.

Some may wonder why it is necessary to publish these commentaries. During the 70 years when Armenia was under Communist control, no theological books were printed in their language. Although the nation became independent 25 years ago, there is still very little evangelical literature available. Even though most people call themselves Christians, the number of evangelical believers is small, and commercial book publishers are not interested in meeting their needs. Hence a decision was made by ACM to write and translate for Armenian believers.

For each book, 1,000 copies are printed. All copies of the first two books have been distributed and a further 500 copies of the commentary on James have been printed. Most books are given freely to those who will read them and there have even been encouraging instances of children reading and appresiating the books.

Please pray for this work. Translation and editing take a long time because the people involved in this work have many other commitments. Pray that the translating and editing will be done in a way that will bring God’s blessing to the readers. Pray for wisdom for all who are involved in producing each book.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these commentaries in Eastern Armenian, please write to ACM (P.O. Box 1593, Chatswood NSW 2057) or visit our website: