Urgent Needs

Sponsor a needy family

This project started some 14 years ago.

40 percent of the population live below poverty line in Armenia.

Many children and aged people are deprived from basic food clothing shelter and medical care.

We screen some of these families and register them with the government. As a humanitarian organisation we are fully audited by the government. Our main goal is to find them sponsors who are willing to support a needy family for $120.00 per month.

This gives them the necessary daily food and some heat in winter when temperatures drop below 30 degrees.

Sponsor a needy family in Armenia has been a very successful project we have 70 families in our care and many are listed with us looking for support.

We give report every 6 month and encourage sponsors to come and visit them if they can.

Our field officer is a qualified psychologist who helps them emotionally and spiritually.

We also help them medically and assist them with rent when the need comes.

We believe this is a very satisfying and a rewarding project one that helps the poor and gratifies the Lord

Winter in Armenia

I remember my first visit to Armenia in 1998.

I had to leave behind my wife, our three children, family, friends, work, church, not knowing why I was going and what I was going to do in a country that I had not visited before, but the call was too strong and clear. I had to go but deep inside me I wanted to stay with my loved ones in a safe country, and enjoy the summer with 35-40 degrees of heat.

Yes, I had to make sure that I had all the right clothing with me: hat, sleeping bag, snow jacket and thermal clothing, not forgetting my special shoes for snow.

After a difficult goodbye and some tears with family and friends who joined me to the airport, I landed in Yerevan after 38 hours of traveling. I was booked to stay in a little hotel room that had air conditioning to keep me warm and I had it running all night.

We had organised with an NGO organisation to help me visit some elderly people to see their conditions. Some were receiving home care such as food and medication. At times they may have been given a wash but not in winter because they had no hot water or heating system.

There I was in a small car with a driver and a nurse for our first visit as the car stopped outside a 10 storey old Russian building. The temperature outside was about 20 below zero, a cold that I had not experienced before. The street was covered with snow and the trees looked so magical. And yes, I had my hat and gloves on.

The three of us entered the building for my first experience in the lift. It was one of the smallest I had ever been in, really only designed for one person. If four were fitted in, they would all be hugging each other! We reached the fifth level. At the door I was told to stand outside till the nurse went in to make things look good. We waited outside; I was very excited, getting my camera ready to take a shot of the first person I would meet. They had told me that he was an old man living by himself and that they visited him once a week. After a long wait during which I was getting impatient, the nurse came out, said few words to the driver and went in again. I asked if everything was ok and he said that the old man was dead. I still insisted on going in and see him, entering a room that was no more than 2 x 4 metres. There was a single bed and piles of newspapers. From his colour I realised that he had been dead for some time. I asked the nurse what has happened and her response was that he had frozen in his sleep and died of the cold.

Most of the elderly and homeless have no winter heat. After seeing some of these horrific conditions, ACM’s first effort was to send 40 heaters from Australia to some of these people. Today ACM spends over $15,000.00 per year just for winter heat to support some of the families and the children who are under their care. Some of these people are living in metal containers.

We want to thank all who have supported us in the past. In some parts of Armenia winter lasts for five months and may be 40 degrees below zero. Please keep the winter needs in your prayers. There are many ways you can help a needy family in Armenia and we are more than happy to guide you in some of these ways.

May God bless you.